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Together with all the other members of our team we are very happy that you decided to visit our web site. It offers current information on our shops and an orientation map with other additional info. We will be happy to hear any questions, suggestions or comments.

Your Centre Management

OC RGB Radvaň
Zvolenská cesta 30
974 05 Banská Bystrica


RGB Radvaň management team can be contacted via the following contacts

Centre operator:
OC Banská Bystrica a.s.

Stará Ivánska cesta 1, 821 04 Bratislava
Branko Lapoš
Mobil: +421 905 668 769
Email: branko.lapos@hant-ba.sk

Centre management
Director of shopping centers

PhDr. Vincent Kupec
Mobil: 00421 911 999 560
E-mail: vincent.kupec@rgbliptov.sk

Marketing manager
Bc. Tomáš Agnet
Mobile: 00421 911 803 503
E-mail: tomas.agnet@rgbliptov.sk

Rental of premises:
If you are interested in setting up a shop and wish to know the renting conditions of the RGB Radvaň commercial centre, or you are interested in additional services, please contact the Centre Management rental of premises department:

Ing. Miroslav Tullner
Mobil: +421 911 999 790
Email: miroslav.tullner@rgbliptov.sk

Branko Lapoš
Mobil: +421 905 668 769
Email: branko.lapos@rgbliptov.sk

RGB Radvaň

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OC RGB Radvaň
Zvolenská cesta 30
974 05 Banská Bystrica

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